This blog has been started to accompany my slot on Ramón Garcia’s radio programme “El finde” on Onda Regional Murcia. It’s called “A bit of class” (Un poco de clase) and you can hear it on Saturday mornings at about 11.30 am. If you are too far from this area you can pick it up on the Internet at www.orm.es.
On the programme we take a famous song, piece of news, broadcast, sketch in English and talk about it. You get one or two grammar tips and some linguistic curiosities to think and laugh about. It’s all about having a bit of fun learning English. You can find the programmes here plus some of our comments and the lyrics to the songs or the scripts of the materials we use.
WE WANT YOUR IDEAS. The good ones will get a mention in future programmes.
HAVE YOU ANY DOUBTS OR QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH? We’ll try and answer the main ones on the programme.
So come on and add your own bit of class to our bit of class!
Watch this space!

Jan 22, 2010


The first programme was broadcast on January 23rd 2010 and it featured the song “Delilah” sung by Tom Jones. Click here to read the lyrics and see our comments.

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